Invest in Global Equities from as low as 1% with Akita Michinoku Capital

The Equity philosophy at Akita Michinoku Capital is built on our company’s commitment to in-depth fundamental research, which is our primary source of added value.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Equities

In addition to our local market expertise, proven track record and established presence within the global equities marketplace.

Whether you are looking for wealth accumulation or capital preservation, our professional team will guide you through a strategy that suits your financial position.

Our Advisors

At Akita Michinoku Capital, our advisors can pinpoint companies that hold similar characteristics, including the posting of consecutive profits, history of growth, and expanding revenues.

Instead of showing a dividend to shareholders, this type of equities tends to reinvest their profits into the business. Our team of professionals will also look for companies that do the exact opposite, and we search for public companies that are undervalued due to market conditions.

Competitive Rates

Here at Akita Michinoku Capital, we can offer our clients highly competitive commission rates on all equity transactions made.

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