Our clients at Akita Michinoku Capital can trade over 9,000 single stock CFDs via 20 exchanges across the globe

Akita Michinoku Capital - Derivative

Whether you are a professional client or an institution, Akita Michinoku Capital will provide you with a streamlined platform to trade derivatives.

Here at Akita Michinoku Capital, we can offer derivatives which are complex products proposing more volatility. These products can relate to - but are not limited to – equities, commodities, currencies or interest rates.

Our derivatives and structured financial products

Derivatives – fully customised financial products offering full innovation 

Yield Products – boost the performance of your portfolio with guaranteed high returns

Hedging Products – mitigate your risk with our full range of hedging products

Directional Products – these products operate with industry forecasts, keeping your financial goals into account

Investment Solutions – we will build you a package focused on your financial goals and is not linked to the regular market fluctuations

Experienced Advisors

Our experienced advisory team here at Akita Michinoku Capital will offer you up-to-date information and advice across our full range of derivative products.

Should you wish to find out more information on Derivatives trading, please contact one of our friendly team members here

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