Enjoy some of the best commodity spreads on the market with no insurance costs, including on gold and oil

At Akita Michinoku Capital we offer clients access to some of the world’s most sought after and actively traded commodities.

When working with Akita Michinoku Capital, you will have a dedicated account manager offering analysis and trade advice on the world’s fastest-moving commodities. Our team of experts will provide you with professional advice on price forecasting, risk management, hedging strategies and customised trading solutions.

Cutting-edge trading

Using our cutting-edge trading tools, you will be able to use cash and other financial instruments to trade the most popular commodities on the global market.

Our Team

Our team will assist you with the trading of energy products such as oil and natural gas, to well-known metals such as gold, silver and copper, and finally, soft commodities such as coffee, sugar and wheat.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Commodities

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