At Akita Michinoku Capital, we aim to offer you investment solutions based on your needs, not on our products or solutions

Our experienced team of wealth managers are here to assist you through the full lifecycle of your investments. We will partner with you as advisors, making sure you reach the financial goals you have entrusted us to achieve.

Whether you are a private individual seeking to preserve and increase your family’s wealth, a high-net-worth individual or a corporate client, we are here to help you every step of the process.

Akita Michinoku Capital will identify investment opportunities which will help you reach your desired financial targets.

Protecting your Wealth

To protect your wealth from inflation and other factors, Akita Michinoku Capital can operate with fixed income products as well as conquering the emerging financial markets. We honour our obligations and promises by making sure your wishes are considered before we make any active steps.

Akita Michinoku Capital’ primary objective is to preserve the entrusted resources at all costs while we mitigate the market volatility, corrections and possible crises. Furthermore, we will choose suitable products to invest to multiply and grow the assigned resources.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Wealth Management
Akita Michinoku Capital - High Returns

Streamlined service

Everything you achieve with our company is completed through our streamline service which offers professionalism and support through our private bankers, research & development, customer service, and technical support teams.

Our Guarantee to you; Above-average returns

We can guarantee above-average returns on your investments; however, the investment multiples are directly related to your risk profile and your availability to progress with the more volatile products.

Our principles remain the same with all our clients, preserving and increasing your wealth by the safest methods to better your future.

With competitive spreads and margins, Akita Michinoku Capital provides a wide range of financial markets where you can trade

Akita Michinoku Capital - Commodities


Akita Michinoku Capital offers clients access to some of the world’s most sought after and actively traded commodities.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Derivatives


At Akita Michinoku Capital, we can offer derivatives which are complex products proposing more volatility.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Equities


The Equity philosophy at Akita Michinoku Capital is built on our company’s commitment to in-depth fundamental research.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Forex


You can trade multiple foreign exchange pairs and speculate whether the price will either rise or fall against another.