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Akita Michinoku Capital - Client Services

Streamlined service

Akita Michinoku Capital offers a world-class streamlined service which allows our private clients to fully benefit from our proven expertise in wealth management across the forex market, stock market, bond market and more.

After you have selected the direction and sectors you wish to pursue, we will conduct in-depth fundamental analysis based on market events, news, insight events, company reports, interest rates and more.

Highly Experienced

Our advisory team at Akita Michinoku Capital are highly experienced in tailoring personalised investment portfolios for the unique needs and preferences of our high-net-worth local and international client base.

We fully understand and appreciate the importance of selecting the right solutions that not only grow your wealth but also preserve what you have for the long term.

Akita Michinoku Capital is wholly committed to building trusted and successful relationships with all our clients.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Private Client Services

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