Our mission is to offer professionally managed investment products, delivering the best possible investment performance, backed by a world-class client support service

In a changing industry where market knowledge, expertise and integrity are all essential traits, Akita Michinoku Capital believes its most vital asset is the skill and professionalism of its people. We therefore, nurture the professional development of our team members, encourage specialisation in our various business areas and harness the creativity and vitality of our staff which then benefits our clients and the growth of our company.

Against Discrimination

We are entirely against discrimination of any kind and ensure that diversity is treated with fair conditions and respect throughout our company. All of our company staff are treated with the same respect as our clients resulting in the same favourable treatment in return.

Ethical Standards

At Akita Michinoku Capital, we fully understand the importance of keeping high ethical standards and a flawless business relationship with our clients. We endeavour to gain lasting confidence from our clients while acting with a clear sense of corporate responsibility throughout the entire business lifecycle. 

Akita Michinoku Capital - Open and Account

Akita Michinoku Capital ensures that our business methods and activities do not interfere with the environment. We fully understand that our community is affected by our decisions which is why we contribute to the growing quality of local life, invest in communities and discourage all pollution.

We continue to strengthen our investment capabilities through planning, market research and risk management analysis, focusing also on core competencies and continuous improvements from our broad range of services.  

These principles have guided our company to success for the last 11 years.  

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