Established in 2009, Akita Michinoku Capital is a respected wealth management company with a global network reaching over 40+ countries

With our headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Akita Michinoku Capital employs over 200 staff members and commands USD 6.32 Billion in Assets Under Management.

By uniting financial markets from East to West, we can support our clients through all facets of wealth management and provide our clients with the best possible investment performance through a broad range of investment products.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Team

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy at Akita Michinoku Capital is unique and highly effective. It is made up of just a few basic principles, and our unwavering desire to stick with what we know best, makes it work very well.

The core foundation of our philosophy is that the global markets are not your enemy, they are your friend. Over time we want to participate in them, and not try to outsmart them. We avoid the urge to practice tactics such as market timing or day trading and stick to a stable approach of investing over the entire market cycles and in many different sectors.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Founded



Providing leading financial services to our clients for more than 11 years.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Employees



We currently employ over 200 staff across our two locations in Japan and South Korea.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Clients



We are currently working with over 6000 individual and institutional clients.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Under Management



We are presently managing over $6.32bn worth of assets on behalf of our clients.

Our Goal

Our goal at Akita Michinoku Capital is to deliver a flawless service with high-quality products and tailored investment strategies that consistently outperform for our clients and help them meet their investment objectives.

By accurately identifying the diverse investment needs of our clients around the world, Akita Michinoku Capital aims to deliver not only superior investment returns but to also contribute to the growth and development of the emerging capital markets.

Akita Michinoku Capital - Our Goal

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Akita Michinoku Capital - Our Approach

Our Approach

We guarantee the complete satisfaction of our clients by achieving the best possible investment performance.

Akita Michinoku Capital - CEO Message

A Message From Our CEO

We provide innovative investment opportunities so our clients have confidence within a forever changing marketplace.

Akita Michinoku Capital - CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission is to offer professionally managed investment products, delivering the best possible investment performance.

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We offer competitive job opportunities and a long-term view across a broad variety of business activities and locations.